07, 2008

Statement by President Serzh Sargsyan on the hundred days in office

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Dear Compatriots,

One hundred days ago I assumed the Office of the President of Armenia. Hundred days are just a symbolic occasion to summarize the accomplished works and to once again highlight the priorities on the development agenda for our country. During the last hundred days my activities have been aimed at dealing with the expectations, dreams and demands of the hundred of thousands of our fellow citizens, at creating a base to continue the reforms which are imperative for the further advancement of our state.

It concerns all the areas of activities, internal and foreign policies, further strengthening of national security and armed forces, police and judicial system, efficient economic policy, including the activities of the customs and tax administrations. There are some areas where we have been able to achieve results in short period of time. The others will also show improvements very soon.

I have started to implement my program which was approved by many of you and contains solutions to many important and concrete problems. Last hundred days have shown that some of these solutions will be put into action much sooner than we planned, the others require more time but not longer than planned.

I am not asking you to be patience, believe me, I am not patience myself and I want to see the problems of injustice and indifference solved as soon as possible, I want to see the positive results of our fight against corruption and poverty.

After hundred days in office I want to ask each of you to answer the following question: what changes have taken place in our country in the last hundred days? Ask also your friends, neighbors and relatives.

Unfortunately, some people are pessimistic about the work carried out nowadays. I am determined to reverse their pessimism with my persistency. Activities carried out today are nothing like one-month programs of “Safe driving” or “Clean hands”. Our work will not be restricted by any kind of “hundred days”. This working model will become a natural way of life.

I am sure that an observant eye will notice an important change in our internal life: concern for people, for the citizens of Armenia, for his dreams and problems, consideration for his well-being and for his vision of our newly independent state. I realize that we have almost nothing, nothing except human resource, except our people. They are the citizens of Armenia, our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora. These people must be free and well-educated, competitive and well off, exemplary in their decency and as well as law abiding.

Dear Compatriots,

I have always been frank and open with you, and today I also expect sincerity from you. I ask for sincerity since we need optimism to implement even greater programs and projects.

Even a small undertaking requires corresponding mood, and we, as a society, must adopt a mood of great undertakings, get ready for great changes, properly assess the process of our state building, and walk the road of healing our society from the diagnosis to the cure.

Never forget that you are the free citizens of independent Armenia, and today we are writing together the new page of our history. What will be written on that page depends not only on the President but on all of us. Next pages will be written by our children and grandchildren. What kind of pages we will leave them depends greatly on us, on our country.

I want them to live in a free country, in a democratic, developed and powerful Armenia and that is the objective of my work.

And we will build that Armenia together.

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