04, 2010

President Serzh Sargsyan’s Address on the Commemoration of the 95th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

Dear Compatriots:

Today is April 24. Ninety-five years ago on this day, a state-devised plan unleashed a crime whose viciousness, magnitude, or consequences are unparalleled not only in the history of the Armenian nation but also in the history of the world. The plan of extermination of the Armenians was implemented by the Ottoman Empire’s state machine through all its structures, which were acting upon exact instructions. April 24, 1915 became a dividing line: the millennia long journey of the Armenian nation had been stopped and split in two: before and after the dividing line.

One and a half million victims, an entire nation expelled from its motherland, an ancient culture destroyed – this was the outcome of the maniacal obsession and ideology aimed at the extermination of the Armenians which turned into state policy. It was measured that the splinters of the Armenian nation that had managed to miraculously escape the Genocide would not be able to recover from the blow, would disappear in the whirlpools on five continents, lose their national identity, and aptitude to be a political factor. But we, as a nation and as a state, were able to reappear at the international arena to affirm that we continue our eternal journey and that we are determined not to allow for such a crime to ever happen again.

We are grateful to all those, who in many countries of the world, including in Turkey, realize the significance of preventing crimes against humanity and stay by our side in this struggle. This process is unstoppable and has no alternative.

Dear Compatriots:

Today, together with the entire nation, I bow to the memory of the innocent victims of the Armenian Genocide. They bequeathed us to live and to work for everything good and beautiful, for our Motherland, for our national ideals, and for the humanity. We will not fail their memory and will fulfill their covenant.

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