09, 2012

Opening remarks by President Serzh Sargsyan at the meeting invited at the Government of Armenia

Meeting in this format has been initiated by me, and I intend to conduct such meetings regularly.

Our problems, internal and external challenges we face demand a more coordinated work of all branches of power: through regular meetings we will ensure that all agencies, along with the resolution of their daily issues, also take active part in the pan-national initiatives and steps which call for general efforts. The reason for today’s meeting is the discussion of the results of the investigation conducted by my order by the Presidential Oversight Service which pertains to the organization of the government procurement process. However before tackling that issue, I would like to make one or two observations on the important topic of our current agenda.

1. Safarov case:

It is obvious that Azerbaijani miscarriage of justice doesn’t mean miscarriage of the international law and justice. Otherwise, the world will obviously plunge into the incessant repetition of similar murders and will find itself in the clutches of general anarchy. For that very reason, the international community has unequivocally emphasized the inadmissibility of that incident. It is very important, but still it’s not enough. Pardoning of the criminal, or to be more precise – his acquittal, runs contrary to all fundamental principles and goals of the Council of Europe. And it is stated not by us but by all the leaders of the Organization without exception.

With this act, Azerbaijan crossed the limits of the international civilized behavior. Feeling the international pressure, the leader of that country is employing more frequently his favorite tool – public lies. With regard to his utterances, I must underscore once again that never an extradited convict received pardon in Armenia.

Yes, by glorifying the criminal, Azerbaijan has put itself in such a desperate situation, that is compelled to come up with lies daily, finding “faults” with Armenia and stating them out loud. Sordid lies, I would say a string of sordid lies, a parade, parade of lies. The authorities of the neighboring state, which have been subjecting their own people to a longstanding information blockade, would like to think that it is possible to fool an entire nation all the time. Time will show whether it is possible or not. However, the well-know maxim claims the opposite. Meanwhile we are conducting necessary work on this direction. I believe those responsible for the legal component know very well what’s to be done. I expect active, unrelenting work in all international bodies. I expect coordinated and far-reaching activities. Next: the program of diplomatic work is clear and is underway. At the same time, I also believe that the Government, in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, should develop a consultative document for official use which will allow all our agencies along with their own work to conduct in the international settings activities which will assist also in this process. We have a lot of things to do on this issue and shall lose no time. Lowdown acts and lies will not prevail.

2. Developments in Syria.

These are really trying times for the Armenians of Syria. This situation is like an open wound for us and our every day number one priority. For us, Armenians, the people of Syria at the direst times gave a hearty welcome to those who managed to escape the Genocide and shared with us whatever they had. We live side by side and have walked down a long way together. Syria’s pain is our pain. Situation in the Middle East and Arab states is directly interconnected with the security of our country. We desire for the existing situation to calm down so that people do not die in the neighboring and friendly Syria.

At this particular moment, Armenia’s state structures have a special role. It is very important that state bodies of Armenia, particularly the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Diaspora Issues, Ministry of Territorial Administration, Police, National Security Service and other state bodies, act efficiently and coordinated, responding properly and adopting decisions in this concrete situation.

Particularly, I demand that you display utmost attention towards our compatriots, who have immigrated from Syria and provide them all necessary assistance.

I attach special importance to the issuance of entry visas in the most accommodating way. We have undertaken urgent steps in the legal area and should follow up with the smooth processing of the visas. Security of the Armenians in Syria is in the center of our diplomatic efforts. Situations changes rapidly and we are following all development, evaluating new emerging risks and trying to respond as speedily as possible. In the context of future development, we should be ready within the scope of our capabilities to assist the Armenians from Syria in whatever decision they make. Those of our compatriots who will make a decision to come to Armenia, and those who will decide to stay in Syria must know that we are with them whatever choice they make. We must plan our future steps to be taken in every possible scenario. And on that direction, I anticipate concrete results.

Armenia shall stand by every Armenian in hardship, in every corner of the world. Even if our capabilities do not allow to lend a hand to every one, our warmth and compassion should reach and support them.

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