09, 2015

President Serzh Sargsyan’s welcoming remarks to the participants of the 11th Representatives’ Assembly of the Armenian General Union of Body Culture



Dear compatriots,

I cordially welcome the participants and guests of the 11th Representatives Assembly of the Armenian General Union of Body Culture.

Holding general assemblies of various pan-Armenian organizations in the motherland has already become a good tradition, which is a very important and appreciable phenomenon. The Armenian General Union of Body Culture has also adopted that position. This is one of the best examples of Armenia-diaspora collaboration.

We have always stood beside Armenian organizations and will do everything to carry on strengthening ties with and unite around the motherland, as well as to further stimulate Armenia-centered activities.

In this symbolic year, when all Armenians joined by progressive mankind are commemorating the Armenian Genocide Centennial, we once again showed that Armenians’ will is unbreakable and their spirit is steady because winners are the people whose struggle is just and goals are justified. The Artsakh Liberation War is the striking illustration of my words. Today we are more resolute than ever and are well aware of what we are going to do tomorrow, which we will realize jointly, diligently working shoulder to shoulder.

Throughout its almost century-long existence, the Armenian General Union of Body Culture has continuously demonstrated its utter devotion to the gratifying labor of nurturing patriotism among Armenian youth and preserving national identity. “Rise and Raise”- this is the noble idea which being the foundation of the union, has still remained relevant today. New challenges facing the Armenian state, the Artsakh world and the diaspora suppose, more than ever, combining our efforts and taking wise actions. We will walk together along the path of our just cause and will jointly level our road to victory.

Dear compatriots,

I strongly believe that the discussions held and decisions made during the representatives’ assembly will greatly contribute to dealing with our national priority issues in order to reinforce the Armenia-Artsakh-diaspora trinity and unify all Armenians.

I wish you further success and effective work.


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