10, 2015

Address by President Serzh Sargsyan on the 15th Anniversary of the Union of Armenians in Russia pan-Russian NGO

I cordially congratulate the multiple members of the Union of Armenians in Russia (UAR) on the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the organization. The founding of the UAR became a significant step along the path to the consolidation of the Armenian community in Russia and the preservation of the national identity of Armenians living in Russia.

The targeted efforts of Ara Abramyan, the founder and indispensable leader of the organization, played a decisive role for the UAR to succeed. Living permanently in Russia for many years, he has done a lot towards further reinforcement of multilateral ties between our brotherly countries.

The UAR has carried out plenty of work aimed at restoring the spiritual and cultural traditions of Armenians in Russia, has made a significant contribution to the implementation of important social, educational and charitable programs. It is the proactiveness of the organization’s leadership that brings to the broadening of direct contacts between our countries’ citizens.

Joined by other Armenian community organizations, the UAR pays undivided attention to nurturing patriotism among the younger generation, forming their moral guidelines and to the strengthening of ties with their compatriots.

Currently, the Russian Federation provides all conditions for the development of the Armenian community and spiritual life: new cultural centers are built, temples of the Armenian Apostolic Church open their doors, and Armenian traditional holidays are widely celebrated together with representatives of peoples living in the multinational country of Russia.

The UAR contributes to the preservation of diversity in Russia’s cultural, educational and social life, promotion of inter-ethnic harmony and to pushing forward the principles of mutual respect, good neighborship and tolerance.

I wish the UAR and all its members further success in serving our common goal of strengthening the ages-old friendship between the peoples of Armenia and Russia.

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