05, 2017

President Serzh Sargsyan’s Address on the occasion of Victory and Peace Day

Dear Compatriots,

I cordially congratulate you on the occasion of Victory and Peace Day.

I first of all congratulate the veterans whose ranks, regrettably, diminish by year. This holiday is the perfect occasion for us to show them our profound respect and admiration. It is also an opportunity to express our gratitude to the heroic generation which went through the superhuman challenges and secured prospects of peaceful work and development for our country.

The World War II was a grave trial for many peoples of the world, including the Armenians.

Our warriors at the battlefield and our workers in heartland here in Armenia as well as our compatriots abroad withstood that trial with honor. For us, it became the Great Patriotic War indeed. We toiled with all our ability, accomplished heroic tasks  which were above our abilities and brought the victory and desirable peace closer.

After May 9, 1992 this date acquired additional meaning for us.
Liberation of Shushi saved not only Stepanakert but the entire people of Artsakh from physical annihilation. This epic deed of the Armenian warriors and its compound historic significance are so overarching that are still being studied and analyzed by the researchers.

One thing became clear on May 9, 1992 and the same thing is clear today: We have not and we will not sacrifice our life and our freedom, our rights and our dignity.

Dear Compatriots,

I once again congratulate you all on the occasion of Victory and Peace Day. This is the holiday of those who stood against misanthropic propaganda and violence, and the heroes who won in that fight. The immortals are with us, and this is our common holiday.

I wish you all peace and creative work.

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