12, 2017

Congratulatory message by President Serzh Sargsyan on the occasion of New Year and Christmas holidays

Honorable Citizens of the Republic of Armenia,
Dear Compatriots,

I would like to express my gratitude to you just a few minutes before bidding farewell to 2017. I am grateful to Armenia’s soldiers and simple country folk, intellectuals and business people, I am grateful to everyone for dedication, patriotism and patience. Mat the faith we have for our people and the future of the country invigorate us throughout the coming year.

At this moment, we have gathered around festive tables with our family members. Every one of us is summing up the outgoing year, thanking God. Let us see 2018 in with a positive feeling of friendship and kinship.

2017 was a year of successive work and implementation of serious projects. The pace of large-scale transformations was not down at all; moreover, we implemented them with ever greater determination. The achievements we had this year are first of all your own achievements. And yet, we have much to do in order to consolidate the foundations of the Armenian statehood and society.

Our ambitions are great, and we will be consistent in implementing them. We will continue to defend Artsakh’s legitimate rights and interests. The work done by the authorities should be felt by every citizen of Armenia and instill a feeling of confidence in us. We have a wonderful country, and we should be proud of being a citizen of such a country.

Dear Compatriots,

In 2017, we elected a new national assembly. The electoral campaign was too keen, but the atmosphere was constructive. We avoided hostility and social divide, which matters more than the number of votes. This is another sound trend that should be built on in the New Year. Mutual respect, tolerance and consolidation must set benchmarks in Armenia’s political life.

Next year we will complete our transition to the new system of governance. It is noteworthy that we will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Armenia at the same time. We can state confidently that we will usher in this jubilee with more cohesive and well-established social and political institutions.

We are going to get our fellow countrymen back to Armenia. They will be back seeing that a great deal of work has to be done in Homeland. The chief objective of our work is to open up new horizons and opportunities, provide a wider field of activity for each Armenian citizen.

Dear Compatriots,

In 2017, we stepped up our efforts to build the armed forces of Armenia. As a result, we expect that those parents seeing off their sons to the army might feel confident that their son is called up to serve in well-organized and highly disciplined armed forces. Let us wish our soldiers good service. Let us thank them for protecting our peace.

One more year is going to join the line-up of Armenia’s millennia-long history and the years of our emerging independent statehood. Let the Armenia-Artsakh-Diaspora trinity continue to strengthen in 2018; may our borders be safe and our homes – hospitable.

Let us raise a glass to wish peace to the Armenian world, as well as warmth and cohesion to our families. Always remember that the foundation of our country is the family.
May our hearth and home always be blessed with an atmosphere of love, affection, care and understanding!

Happy New Year and Christmas! 

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