01, 2018

Statement by President Serzh Sargsyan at the ceremony of tribute and awarding Hovhannes Chekidjian

Dear Maestro Chekijyan,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today we honor Hovhannes Chekidjian who was awarded the title of National Hero of the Republic of Armenia and to whom I am honored to hand the Order of Motherland.
This is a blessing for me, and I am sure - for everyone else - because we have been the contemporary of Hovhannes Chekidjian. Maestro Tigran Mansuryan already talked about our hero’s life story and told us some episodes. Talking about Maestro Chekidjian is both easy and difficult.

It is easy because he has lived an exceptional rich and fruitful creative life; he has covered a path worthy of admiration and gratitude. It is easy to introduce him as he has long been presenting himself to us and to the whole world.

Yet, it is difficult to present Maestro Hovhannes Chekidjian as it is almost impossible to explain the huge energy that exists in this noble intellectual. The energy he has been sharing with his surroundings for many decades. That energy disseminates the idea of good and the beauty of humanity and eternity: all the best that is national and at the same time universal.

Dear Friends,

Many Armenians are repatriates or their descendants. This is a very inclusive topic, and now, perhaps, I will not go around it. I would only say that the repatriates brought a lot to Armenia, starting with our daily routine and lifestyle.

Among them there were exceptional intellectuals who have embodied an entire epoch in Armenian reality. The return of Martiros Saryan, Alexander Tamanyan, Gohar Gasparyan, Hakob Hakobyan and many others was an example of how to return to Homeland, strong with ambitious programs, great faith in tomorrow’s day and, most importantly, forever. Hovhannes Chekijian is one of these exceptional examples.

Any great artist’s path to success cannot not smooth and calm. We know that even a small achievement implies hard work of years, creative and noble suffering. Especially this is the case with the individuals who have achieved great success.

The great victories of the Armenian choir art on the most prestigious stages of the world speak for Hovhannes Chekidjian’s exceptional strictness and high standards. They point to his titanic work. Maestro, we bow before your great merit and creative deeds.

Dear Mr. Chekidjian,

You have directed the National Academic Choir of Armenia since 1961. Many of today’s Armenian citizens were not yet born at that time. However, everyone knows you thanks to your enormous work. And let everyone know that we are just coming to this world with such heroes.

I sincerely congratulate you on being awarded the highest title of Homeland. On behalf of our people, I wish you good health and every success in your activities. I wish the tenth decade of your life could be no less productive than the previous ones.

We see this power in you, that energy, and that it is very important – the love for life. This is a key factor. You must live and work for the sake of the Armenian art.

Long live Armenia! Long live the heroes of the Republic of Armenia! 

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