01, 2018

Congratulatory Address by President Serzh Sargsyan delivered at the State Awards Ceremony

Dear Laureates and Guests,

Today, I have a pleasing duty to fulfill. We are presenting State prizes to artists and scholars, our laureates who authored outstanding works during the past two or three years.

I have always emphasized that these awards are first of all the property of the public. In this way, we are trying to propose guidelines and standards to society in a bid to call attention on truly worthy creations.

I cordially congratulate our laureates on the receipt of the State Prize of the Republic of Armenia.

Yes, these awards are the token of appreciation by the State and society. I believe that they are important for any human being, especially artists and scientists, to whom success has come through years-long hard work.

We understand that good deeds do not come easy in this world. Thank you for your dedication and great work.

I regret that this year we did not have awards in some categories. I hope that over the next couple of years we will have such works that will undoubtedly be worthy of State prize. At least, I can see that we need to do some work, analyze the impediments to the development of one or another sphere.

Let my word be a stimulus for the Ministers of Culture, Science and Education to examine the problems in these areas together. And, of course, we will consider most carefully the recommendations voiced by the heads of selection committees.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Indeed, we know that there is no civilized nation without art and science. We also know that we boast centuries-old and rich literature, art and science. But the present day and the citizen of Armenia is what matters most for us now. As much important is the creative atmosphere in Armenia. The environment can promote or undermine new success stories, and why not, prevent new masterpieces from emerging. Therefore, we should spare no effort and energy to positively influence the overall environment.

I once again congratulate our laureates on receiving State Prizes. I wish you good health, happiness in your personal life and inexhaustible energy on the way to translating your honest aspirations and noble ideas into reality.

Thank you.

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