02, 2018

Address by President Serzh Sargsyan to participants of 7th Pan-Armenian Conference of Artsakh Freedom-Fighters’ Union

Dear forum participants and guests,
Dear freedom-fighters,
My dear combat friends,

I cordially greet you and wish successful proceedings to the 7th Conference of the Union of Artsakh Freedom-Fighters. I also extend my greetings and best wishes to all our comrades in arms, their relatives and friends. I say “ours” because I am not separated from you.

Artsakh challenged the war imposed on its people becoming a vast military base, and emerged as a self-established and prosperous republic that had repelled the enemy’s encroachment. I am glad that you continue to keep up the brotherhood forged on the battlefield through self-organization and mutual support.

Artsakh became the Armenian stronghold of our modern history, the symbol of the Armenian people’s ambitions, an emblem of endurance and victory. Just 30 years ago, the people of Artsakh stood upright, straightened their back, striving for freedom in a bid to shake of the yoke of alien bonds.

Today, addressing our brothers and sisters who shaped the heroic battle of Artsakh, I have to emphasize that the people of Artsakh protected their homes, and thanks to that, they triumphed on the battlefield.

The people of Artsakh were not alone in that fair fight: they were supported from all sides of the Armenian world. During that crucial period, everybody was awaiting encouraging news from Artsakh with a heartbeat and the firm belief that our struggle was fair and our positions - strong.

Glory to our heroes! They gave us the chance to live a decent life at the cost of their lives. We must keep in the spotlight those heroes who live next to us, who were stubborn on the battlefield, and are now building a peaceful and prosperous future for Artsakh with the same frenzy.

Welcoming once again the conference participants and guests, I wish the Union fruitful proceedings for the sake of Artsakh and all Armenians. Glory to Artsakh’s freedom-fighters! Glory to your courage and heroism!

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