05, 2018

Address by President Armen Sarkissian to the participants of the Scientific Conference dedicated to the 90th birth anniversary of the Academician Sergei Mergelian

Distinguished President of the National Academy,
Dear participants of the Conference,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is gratifying that representatives of different generations are gathered in one place, which testifies to the fact that no matter what, science in our country is not stagnating but is moving forward.

Traditionally, only the people, who realize their calling and mission, come into science, those, who believe that science never loses its value, those who are also enthusiasts. There is no doubt that Sergei Mergelian was one of them - an individual and a scientist who not only knew the value of science but throughout his entire life and work was moving science forward, elevating and holding high the Armenian scientific thought. He made a unique contribution not only to the Armenian science but also to the Armenian economy.

Sergei Mergelian’s finest hour came very early when a young mathematician, who was in his twenties, instantly became a Doctor of Mathematics, preparing a breakthrough in the area of mathematics for the entire world.

The wide geographical representation of today’s Conference speaks to the fact that Mergelian’s name is well-known to the global scientific community. Through his prolific and fundamental scientific work, Sergei Mergelian today too remains the best business card of the Armenian school of mathematics. It was no accident that he became the founding director of the one of the largest Soviet scientific centers – the Yerevan Research Institute of Mathematical Machines. It is also no accident that even today that structure in our capital is called Mergelian’s Institute.

Sergei Mergelian was a depository always full of new ideas which different generation of scientists benefit from even today. He presents the most speaking proof that our greatest wealth and resource is human intellect, especially considering the fact that science development is the most important factor for our country’s advancement. Hence, together, through joint efforts we should do everything possible to be always present in that area. It will also be our greatest and long-lasting homage to the reputation and the memory of the great scientist Sergei Mergelian.

I wish you all every success, and I wish the Conference productive work.



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