05, 2018

President Sarkissian’s congratulatory message to the school graduates

Dear School Graduates,

Today, the school bell will ring for you for the last time. But it doesn’t mean that you are having your last class because there are still many classes to take and, why not, you will be giving many classes to others. Thus, you are standing at the beginning of a new path.

I am confident that the panorama of the recent changes in our country made you realize what a power the youth can be, how vigorous adolescence can be and what you can reach when you stand together and trust your abilities.

Continue to believe in Armenia’s tomorrow but be aware that you should become the most active creators of that tomorrow. In your families, in schools, which became your second home, you are perceived as the creators of that tomorrow, you represent that tomorrow. Thus, appreciate the efforts which your parents and teachers make. Appreciate, develop and utilize the knowledge you have received in school because it will help you open the first door you will see after graduation. You will mature because of it and it will help in maturing of our country; today it seems to be just a dream but it may become a reality in the nearest future. Become part of that dream.

Education is one of our main assets. If we want to live in a developed country, in a powerful state, we have to have a competitive system of education, smart students and knowledgeable tutors, well-educated and thoughtful citizens. You hold in your hands not only your personal future, but also the future of our country. Look ahead with confidence, move ahead on the road you have chosen and believe that the last call will guide you towards the Armenia of your dreams.

I congratulate you, your parents and teachers. I wish you success, optimism and all the best.


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