05, 2020

Message of President Armen Sarkissian on the occasion of Labor Day

Dear Compatriots:

Today is Labor Day.

This year it is being celebrated under the emergency situation, for some – medical personnel, taxi and ambulance drivers, policemen, rescuers, and their colleagues - in a non-stop working regime. First of all, I would like to congratulate, to express gratitude and send congratulations to the people working in the mentioned areas, especially to doctors and other medical workers for whom hospitals have become homes and families. They deserve the greatest commendation, also special attitude and praise from the state.

I also thank all those individuals who work these days on a tight schedule with no complains. They understand that their extra efforts can save a life, bring bread to our families, uphold the security of the country and our citizens.

Dear Compatriots,

Because of the coronavirus pandemic some of you have temporarily been out of job, some lost their jobs, the only means of their daily living. I understand the situation your families are going through and I share your concerns. I also understand what it means to be out of job in this situation. I know that many of you at this time are looking for a rescue buoy. There is a need for assistance, there is also a need to hold each other’s hand tight, because we cannot move forward without helping each other, especially in the emergency situation. All of you are hard workers, work loving people. And it doesn’t matter where you are because of this emergency situation – on a construction site, surgery room, working on your thesis, in a service, or waiting for a call from your employer.

Today serious social problems exist even in the most developed and wealthy countries. We are in a difficult situation too. On one hand, the pandemic and its consequences, on the other, financial and economic problems, and also social and human problems. In any case, we all and primarily the state, have things to do.

The solution of the problem is in the state-employer-employee triangle which should become a solid entity. But first and foremost the solution is in responsibility, discipline, vigilance, and care for the working people so that we are able to defeat the pandemic as soon as possible and return to our normal lives.

We are used to overcoming difficulties, and today too, we have to do it together. Overcoming is work too, which cannot be done unilaterally.

Be strong and be resolute.

Health, fortitude and tenacity to your mind, body, and soul.

All the best to you and your families.

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