06, 2021

President of the Republic Armen Sarkissian’s message on the Children's Rights Protection Day

Dear children,

Today is the official day to protect your childhood.

However, first of all, it reminds us, the adults, that the efforts to protect you and your childhood will be in vain if the Homeland, our border, our country, our home, and our yard are not peaceful and safe.

You can realize your dreams, the dreams of your parents and grandparents only in such a homeland.

Dear parents,

Children are the most sincere and believing in our society. They sincerely believe and trust you, their parents, and their family. They are sincerely happy even for the smallest piece of success. They move forward with sincere hope and faith even when they are just learning to walk ...

We have no right to question their innate sincerity in any way. Moreover, with our attention, care, love, and warmth, we must be responsible and committed so that their faith, hope, and trust are never lost. Thus, we will strengthen the foundations of our country. Thus, we will educate a generation who will believe in themselves and will believe that the future of Armenia depends on them.

Dear children,

I believe that you will make our country much better.

I believe and wish your childhood be a time for you to dream peacefully and safely in the Homeland and to live a healthy and prosperous life.

In your future life, I wish you would live in the world you were dreaming of and which became a reality owing to your thoughts, ideas, and work.  

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