09, 2022

President Vahagn Khachaturyan’s message on the occasion of Armenia’s Independence Day

Dear people,

Today we celebrate the 31st anniversary of independence of the Republic of Armenia in a difficult and challenging period for our county, and every moment, we must be imbued with determination to save and protect our freedom, sovereignty and independence.

The path leading to the establishment and protection independence is not easy, and on that way we also bear irreparable losses. A few days ag, our soldiers once again sacrificed their lives in the name of the independence of our country and the protection of the borders of our Motherland, compelling and obliging all of us to be united and powerful, because they fell for the protection of our inalienable right to live freely and independently. And today we bow to their memory.

Dear compatriots,

Neither three decades ago, nor today, independence was not a goal in itself or a simply abstract formulation for our people, for the referendum held on this day thirty-one years ago was not about the dilemma of being or not being independent. It was aimed at confirming the decision made by the Armenian people. That decision has not changed today as well, notwithstanding the difficulties.

In the meantime, since the independence referendum, the last three decades have evinced a simple truth that independence is an action, a movement and a continuous struggle and tireless work for the sake of our present, for the sake of our tomorrow, for the safe, dignified and prosperous future of our children and grandchildren.

Dear compatriots,

I congratulate us all on the 31st anniversary of independence of the Republic of Armenia, and I am full of hope that any challenge and obstacle can be overcome with our collective will and unity. 

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