05, 2023

President Vahagn Khachaturyan's address on Labor Day

Dear citizens of the Republic of Armenia,

Happy Labor Day to all!

In recent years, our statehood faced severe ordeals and challenges: war, the coronavirus pandemic, drastic developments in social and political life that came to prove once again that all problems can be resolved through united, tireless and dedicated work.

Work is the primary token of welfare and development for both the individual and the citizen, and the state.

Successful are those states and societies that have been able to achieve the harmony when any citizen entitled to work has the opportunity to work and create with dignity.

Dear compatriots,

Throughout centuries, our people have proven that they can present themselves and be recognized by the world through their work and creative mind, and our independent statehood is also the product of such work.

Today, the development agenda of our country is formed by the joint, united work of the citizens of Armenia, and through that work, we will build our dream homeland, an innovative, developed, democratic and future-oriented Republic of Armenia.

Happy 1st of May!

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