05, 2023

Welcome address by President Vahagn Khachaturyan at the 29th Congress of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party

Ladies and gentlemen,

I cordially welcome all the participants at the 29th Congress of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party.

For over a century, the Party has selflessly served the issues related to the social life of the Armenians across the world and the Armenian communities of the Diaspora.

Upon its establishment, the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party became seized of the questions on the pan-Armenian agenda as well as engaged in regulating relations with Soviet Armenia later having a notable role in organizing the immigration of Armenians.

The contribution of prominent party figures Vahan Tekeyan, Arshak Chopanyan, Mihran Tamatyan and others to the development of Armenian political, publicist and literary thought is undeniable.

The Armenian Democratic Liberal Party has played and continues to play a unique role in the preservation of Armenian identity and the strengthening of Armenia-Diaspora ties, and deserves accolades given its history and past journey. Since the independence of Armenia, the traditional party has always stood by our statehood with its principled conduct instilling values and traditions that are solely aimed at strengthening our statehood and uniting our country and citizens.

The 29th Congress of ADL is a good opportunity to reevaluate the past and set new development benchmarks. I am convinced that the party will continue and expand its prolific presence in the life of Armenia and all Armenians.

I wish the delegates of the Congress fruitful and productive work for the benefit of the Republic of Armenia and the welfare of our compatriots.


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