12, 2023

The New Year message of President Vahagn Khachaturyan

Dear compatriots,

Dear citizens of the Republic of Armenia,

The year 2023, full of grave losses, ordeals, successes and struggle for sovereignty for our state and people, is coming to an end.

In the passing year, there were multiple episodes of overexertion and resistance to challenges for our country which also give rise to many reflections and valuations.

The forced displacement of the Artsakh Armenians from their millennial homeland, the internal and external successes and failures of Armenia, the economic rise of our country, the events taking place in public life shape the imperative to assess the priorities of our state, to secure the place and role of our country in the ever-changing world, to delineate relations with neighbors and partners.

Dear people,

I believe that we can build a powerful Armenia by living and working here, building up our village and city, gaining knowledge and continuously self-educating. I believe in the unwavering potential of our state.

I am convinced that the invaluable wealth of our country is the citizen, the strongest weapon is the collective will and wisdom of our people. I am also convinced that the trials that have befallen our people will make us stronger, more resilient and united.

Dear compatriots,

Under the festive New Year lights, I wish all our families endless happiness, the joy of creating in a safe and peaceful homeland, fortitude to devise and build for the sake of the strength and welfare of the Republic of Armenia.


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