07, 2024

President Vahagn Khachaturyan’s message on the Constitution Day

Dear compatriots,

I congratulate all of us on the Constitution Day of the Republic of Armenia.

The cornerstones of the creation and strengthening of statehood are few, and they often boil down to the declaration of independence and the adoption of the Constitution. From this point of view, both the September 21, 1991 Independence and the July 5, 1995 Constitutional referendums were expressions of the collective will of the people of Armenia to have an independent, sovereign, social and developing state.

Over the past three decades, our Constitution has overcome many obstacles, changes and encroachments, and this is the essence of the Constitution, since it is not a consolidated document of norms or definitions, formulations and statements, but the Basic law guaranteeing the written and unwritten rules of harmony and coexistence in the state-society-citizen relationship.

At the same time, the Constitution is not a declaration of one-time consolidation, but a flexible and multi-content tool that balances, as they say, the preservation of the wings of authority, the reforms being carried out in the country, current developments, social and political events in the constitutional mainstream.

In this regard, all citizens of the Republic of Armenia, and in particular state officials, should have the idea of constitutionalism as a starting point in their activities, which acts as a guideline, as a guide on the way to creating the Armenia of our dreams.

I once again congratulate all of us on the most important holiday of our statehood and wish endurance and strength, development, power and prosperity to the Republic of Armenia.

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