06, 2019

President Armen Sarkissian: World has become more complex, and we need a summit of minds to find solutions

President Armen Sarkissian participated today at the final discussions of the Armenian Summit of Minds in Dilijan. It was mediated by the organizer of the Summit of Minds, founder of The Monthly Barometer Thierry Malleret. Among participants were the Head of Industry of the Google Ted Sounder, Director of Strategy and Technological issues of the famous Leonardo Italian company Giorgio Moska, Professor of the Kent University in UK Elena Korosteleva, Chairman of Synopsis Armenia Ervand Zorian, Director of the Dilijan research and analytical center of the RA Central Bank Armen Nourbekian.

At the outset, the President thanked all participants and individuals involved in the organization of the Summit. He said in particular, “I have learned a lot from the Summit, however three main questions remain: What is going on, what to do, and how to do? One thing I am certain of is the following: We need an ark which the Summit of Minds probably might become; it can save the world because the world has become much more complex. The complexity is greater than any artificial logic can solve. We need summits of minds and we need individuals like you to find solutions. I am not talking about control. In the world, which becomes more quantum, it is impossible to have a classic system of control. It is necessary to learn to live in a new quantum world which is very complex, full of challenges but at the same time is incredibly interesting.”

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