06, 2019

Greatly impressed with the Armenian Summit: Participants of the Armenian Summit of Minds are looking forward to the next gathering in Armenia

Participants of the Armenian Summit of Minds held on June 7-9 in Dilijan continue to convey their impressions and gratitude for organizing such a remarkable event in Armenia.

Jean-Marc Lischka, the CEO of the world technological leader Siemens on his site at LinkedIn wrote that the goal of the Summit of Minds is to leave with a new friend, a new idea, a new project. “I was able to accomplish all three. As President Armen Sarkissian put it in his concluding remarks, the quantum world, in which we live, is very complex, changeable, full of challenges but at the same time, incredibly interesting. I fully agree. I thank President Armen Sarkissian, Mrs. Nouneh Sarkissian and the wonderful people of Armenia whom I met. Your generous hospitality, kindness, and humanism make Armenia the wonderful place it is. I am leaving looking forward to the next Armenian Summit of Minds.”

Professor of the Webster University in Geneva Dr. Rouben Indjikian wrote in his thank you letter addressed to President Armen Sarkissian, “Your far-sighted decision to hold the Summit of Minds in Armenia aimed at finding better solutions for the world and particularly for Armenia, was a great success and set a strong foundation for organizing similar events in our beloved country in the future. I will be honored to support you on this and other initiatives which will allow to achieve Armenia’s successful development based on a strong foundation.

The Business Development Director of the Startup Armenia Fund Hovhannes Yeritsian wrote on this page at LinkedIn, “Motivation and inspiration are things which our contemporary world lacks a lot. This is undeniable truth but not when it comes to the Summit of Minds. The forty-eight hours of the Summit will be remembered by many of the participants for years. President Armen Sarkissian successes in gathering under one roof the individuals who can assist, educate and most importantly, inspire. It’s not a big deal to bring together high-class specialists but it’s a huge task to make these people think and act as a structure.”

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