12, 2017

For Reference Of Journalists

In accordance with the RA Law “On Mass Media,” in the period from December 15 through December 29, 2017, the Department of Public Relations and Mass Media of the Presidential Administration shall be implementing journalists’ accreditation for coverage of the activities of the President of the Republic of Armenia and the Presidential Administration.

The applicant for accreditation must submit a written application, which should specify as follows:
1) In case the applicant is a legal entity: its full name, organizational and legal status, type of media outlet, circulation (number of printed copies) and the legal address. In case the applicant is a natural person: the application should mention the name, first name, middle name (patronymic), if indicated in the passport, and the place of residence (address);
2) The journalist’s name, first name, middle name (patronymic), if indicated in the passport;
3) The journalist’s and media outlet’s electronic addresses, telephone and fax numbers (if applicable);
4) One electronic photograph (3.5x4.5 size and 300 dpi density) of the journalist (journalists), which should be sent to press@president.am.

The accreditation is offered for a term of one year, or otherwise, for a shorter period if so specified in the application.

The accreditation is available for no more than two journalists, photographers or audio-video engineers from each media outlet.

The journalists representing such media enterprises, the activities of which are governed by the laws of foreign States, must enclose a copy of the Armenia Foreign Ministry-issued certificate.

No accreditation is required for those journalists representing resident foreign media outlets, if the employer has a duly registered representation on the territory of the Republic of Armenia through which the journalist has been accredited.

Incomplete applications will not be processed. No application will be processed after the proposed deadline.

Deadline: 29.12.2017

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