09, 2009

President Sargsyan responds to the question raised by the correspondent of Regnum during the joint press conference with the President of Croatia

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It looks like with the pre-signing of the two Protocols the Armenian-Turkish political dialogue enters a new stage. What do you expect from it?

My initiative on normalizing relations with Turkey was a step aimed at the normalization of relations between two neighboring states, relations that would be up to the 21st century. Currently, these documents are undergoing the process of internal discussions in our two countries. This is the first time that we present to our public an international agreement before it is signed. I am confident that right now everything depends on political vision and political will of the political forces and mostly of the political leadership of the two countries. We either open a way for a new South Caucasus or deepen controversies, mistrust and animosity in our region. I hope that we will go for the first option.

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