05, 2008

Today President Serzh Sarkissian introduced the new Chief of Police, Alik Sarkissian, to the leadership of the State Police Department

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The President of Armenia expressed gratitude to Hayk Haroutunian for his long and dependable service and noted that he was leading the Force for the last nine years: first, as the Minister of Interior, and later as the Chief of Police. His service at the commanding positions in the structure totals over sixteen years. Noting that this is almost a life time career, Serzh Sarkissian said, ”We all understand that no one can occupy position in the state service for ever and that changes are necessary.” He added that services of Hayk Haroutunian were highly acknowledged by the state and he was awarded with medals, distinctions, and the highest rank in the Police Force of colonel-general and can be really proud with his work.

According to the President, the newly appointed Chief of Police, Alik Sarkissian, was transferred to other job from this structure and on that new position proved to be a good manager and a person who is able to fulfill the assigned tasks.

Serzh Sarkissian expressed confidence that Alik Sarkissian would be able to bring together work of the Police to make them more professional, to provide the policemen with higher social security and enable them, as well as the Force in general, to perform their task.

President Sarkissian appealed to the leadership of the Police to view their responsibilities from a new angle and to undertake their tasks with new vigor.

Police Chief Alik Sarkissian thanked the President of Armenia for confidence placed in him and said that he is well aware of the significance, difficulties and enormous responsibility that come with the job. He promised along with his colleagues to spare no effort in upholding public order and in conducting a relentless fight against crime in all its manifestations. He added, that he would do the utmost to sustain high human dignity and professional prestige of every policeman and to solve the issues of their legal and social protection. The newly appointed Chief of Police stated that the increase and strengthening of confidence in our society and trust toward the Police Force, emanating from their unsullied service, would be his priority.

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