10, 2008

President Serzh Sargsyan conducted a working meeting

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Following the assignment of the President of Armenia, the Presidential Oversight Service has conducted inspection on the functioning mines within the administrative borders of Yerevan and adjacent territories, extractions from which are used mainly as construction materials or raw materials for the processing of construction substances.

The results of the inspections were discussed at the working meeting conducted today by the President of Armenia. The meeting was attended by the Prime Minister of Armenia, the Head of the Presidential staff, the Ministers of Energy and Natural Resources, Economy, Environment, Mayor of Yerevan, the Head of the State Cadastre, and the Head of the Committee for State Revenues.

The President of Armenia said that in the framework of fight against shadow economy and for the improvement of tax administration similar inspection would be regularly conducted in different areas.

The Head of the Presidential Oversight Service, Hovhannes Hovsepian briefed on the deficiencies, violations, and shortfalls revealed during the inspection and noted that the real amount of the extractions had been covered up, the corresponding dues had not been paid and consequently the extractions or processed materials had been dealt with illicitly. According to H. Hovsepian, facts of illegal mining had also been registered, many mines were being developed without the assigned borders, several mines were operating without the authorization from the proper authorities, and as a result it was not possible to identify their initial condition.

Assessing the existing situation as extremely troublesome and alarming, the President of Armenia said that the proper oversight of the area on behalf of the relevant ministries was obviously missing.

The President of Armenia demanded that the Ministries of Energy and Natural Resources, and Environment, as well as the State Cadastre Committee enforce strict supervision, consolidate the information which would allow to make the area much more transparent. The necessity to improve the legislative field pertaining to this area was mentioned as a priority.

President Serzh Sargsyan instructed also to take the steps toward the recovering of the losses sustained by the state.

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