05, 2009

There took place the official ceremony of presenting the Presidential Award for 2008

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Today, at the Presidential Office there took place the official ceremony of presenting the Presidential Award for 2008.

Before the ceremony, those present honored the memory of Henrik Igitian with one minute of silence.

The Presidential Award has been established by the Robert Poghossian and Sons Foundation (France). Every year nominees from eight different areas are being awarded the prize.

Handing over the prizes – the certificate, a check (equivalent of 5000 USD in Armenian currency), and the medal – President Serzh Sargsyan congratulated the winners and said, “With this award the Armenian state acknowledges and distinguishes your scientific and creative success because now your achievements and accomplishments do not belong only to you, they belong to our people. I think, it should be the greatest aspiration for the scientist and the artist: to create values that live their own lives and are owned by everyone.

On similar occasions I always note that we, as a society, especially today need positive and inspiring role models. You are the example of worthy people and worthy deeds. I must tell you honestly that for me personally the most precious are the awards won by the young people. On one hand it signifies the sequence of generations, on the other hand it serves an example for all young people.

I would like to give a special tribute to those of our award winners who are being awarded for their significant contribution to the international recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide. In this field there is still much to be done. Genocide is a crime against humanity and activities directed at its condemnation will never lose their public and international reverberation. Using this opportunity, I would like along with my congratulations extend my thanks to one of the patriarchs of this area, Mr. Vahagn Tatrian, whose contribution to the field is truly immense, and to our German friend, Mr. Wolfgang Gust.

Sadly, there are some areas in which this year the winners were not identified. It certifies, of course, to high demands set by our commission and its determination not to lower the bar. It is not bad, however I hope that next year we will have deserving nominees in those areas as well.

In conclusion, allow me to express gratitude on your and my own behalf to the Poghosian family since this award has been established and is being awarded every year through their efforts.

Dear Laureates,

I would like to once again congratulate all of you, thank you and wish you enduring creative vigor, I wish you to continue to bring joy to the devotees of your art and enrich your biography with new glorious deeds, which means scientific and cultural enrichment of Armenia.”

The benefactor Albert Poghosian also extended congratulations to the winners.

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