07, 2009

The newly appointed Ambassador of Serbia to Armenia presented his credentials to President Serzh Sargsyan

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Today, the newly appointed Ambassador of Serbia to Armenia Dragan Zupanjevac (residence in Athens) presented his credentials to the President of Armenia.

President Sargsyan congratulated the Ambassador on his nomination and expressed hope that he would bring significant contribution to the development of the Armenian-Serbian relations.

The President of Armenia said that both countries have great potential for cooperation in different areas and that it is necessary to take concrete steps to make it work. With this regard he attached great importance to the first official visit of the President of Serbia which is to start on July 28.

Stressing many historic and cultural similarities of the Armenian and Serb peoples and their mutually warm attitude, the President of Armenia noted with gratitude that in difficult for the Armenian people times, the people of Serbia always lent us a helping hand. “We will never forget the pilots from Yugoslavia whose plane crushed while rushing to our aid after the devastating earthquake in Spitak, in 1988,” the President of Armenia stressed.

The President of Armenia and the newly appointed Serbian Ambassador discussed issues pertaining to the expansion of the economic and cultural relations, augmentation of the legal field, invigoration of interparliamentary ties, and mutual assistance in international structures.

Ambassador Zupanjevac assured the President of Armenia that he would do his best for the development of a multifaceted cooperation between the two states.

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