12, 2010

Serzh Sargsyan held a working meeting with the Chairman of the Commission on Sevan Lake issues attached to the Office of the RA President

The Chairman of the Commission on Sevan Lake issues Vladimir Movsissian reported today to the President of Armenia on the fulfillment of the working plan of the Commission for 2010, presented current problems and issues to be discussed during the January 2011 regular meeting of the Commission, which will identify main direction and anticipated results from the Commission’s activity. The President was also briefed on the issue regarding the adoption of Sevan’s ecosystem and water quality monitoring program. The program suggests to create a new system for monitoring and assessment and a database for monitoring information.

According to Vladimir Movsissian, the program of works for 2010 was completed in its entirety and in the specified timeframe. The actions were mostly directed at the elevation of the water level, keeping water clean, as well as at the recreation of the Lake’s ecosystems ad biodiversity.

The President of Armenia gave instructions to the Commission aimed first of all at the swift cleaning of the shores lest there are new cleaning problems when the water rises again. It was also stressed that in the coming year the Commission on Sevan Lake issues will be mainly preoccupied with the problems related to the cleanliness of the Lake waters.

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