04, 2021

There is a lot to do for setting our country on feet, and the path is one: science and education. President Armen Sarkissian participated in the session of the Council of the RA National Academy of Sciences

Today, the President of the Republic Armen Sarkissian visited the RA National Academy of Sciences and took part in the session of the NAS Council. It was convened at the suggestion of the President of the Republic to hear the views of the Council members regarding the legislative package "On Higher Education and Science."

“I have requested this meeting for a very concrete purpose: the law on my table today,” said President Sarkissian, addressing the participants of the session. “I have met with some people in the field of science and education; I will meet with university rectors and separate lecturers. I met with the Minister first, and before making a final decision, I would like to hear your opinion.”

During the meeting, the President of the National Academy of Sciences, academician Radik Martirosyan and the Council members expressed their concerns about the legislative package.

"Education, science, and innovation are not proportionally presented. The clauses mainly refer to higher education, while those related to scientific and scientific-technical activities appear to be few, and not specific, presented in passing. The ways and mechanisms of the process of creating a unified and productive system of higher education and science have not been clearly shown," said Radik Martirosyan.

The academicians presented many other issues of their concerns. The National Academy of Sciences sent their proposals to the Office of the President of the Republic..

President Sarkissian considered the presented observations important, emphasizing that science, education, and technologies are not just words. These spheres are the future of our country. He drew attention to two concepts raised during the discussions: substantiation and heritage. "Science must develop. In the 21st century, it is impossible to move forward without new technologies and science," said the President of the Republic, "especially in a country like Armenia, which has no resources other than human resources. And if we try to achieve something tomorrow, it will be through education and science. Human resources, science, and technologies are an absolute necessity for our country. But in the 21st century, we need to know clearly what future the country will have in 20-30 years. What do we need to develop to have our dignified place and be a strong state in 20-30 years? Therefore, the substantiation of the law must emerge from the vision of science and education, where you want to lead, and what kind of science and education you want to develop. And the vision of the development of that particular sphere must be reflected in the law."

The President of the country considered heritage the other important point: "Heritage is essential; it does not become obsolete. Studying the best examples in the world, you should be able to create yours and preserve what we have.”

This is one of our most important tasks. Taking into consideration heritage and world experience, with a clear vision for the state and for the development of science and education, we must substantiate what changes we need to make. There is a lot to do for setting our country on feet, and the path is one: science and education.”  

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