04, 2009

Address of President Serzh Sargsyan on the Day of remembrance of the victims of the Armenian genocide

Dear Compatriots,

Today we bow to the memory of the innocent victims of the Armenian Genocide.

Ninety-four years ago, in the Ottoman Turkey took place the state-designed and state-executed Armenian Genocide. A great number of our people were cold-bloodedly annihilated. Today, for the survivors of the Genocide, their descendants, and all Armenians the Genocide is not only past reality but an indivisible part of our present and our destiny.

Crimes against humanity do not have expiration date neither in the memories of the people nor for history trial. For the Republic of Armenia and the Armenian people the international recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide is a matter of reinstating historic justice.

The Armenian people are not alone in their condemnation of the Genocide. At this time of remembrance we express our heartfelt gratitude to the states, organizations and individuals who support us in our quest for condemnation and prevention of this crime against humanity. We support those Turkish intellectuals who struggle for historic justice, who share our pain. We have said numerous times that the process of recognition of the Armenian Genocide is not directed against the Turkish people and recognition of the Genocide by Turkey is not a precondition for the establishment of bilateral relations.

At the time the lessons of the Armenian Genocide were ignored. During the last decades sophisticated mechanisms against the Genocide denial and denunciation of the recognition process have been developed. To deny Genocide means to through into oblivion this crime against humanity and to pave the way for new similarly ferocious crimes. Today, when the world faces new instances of hatred, nationalism, and intolerance, a united and unanimous response of the human kind to the crimes against humanity becomes of crucial importance. As President of the Republic of Armenia, I wish no other nation ever goes through that tragedy again.

Dear Compatriots,

Every one of our innocent victims has a name, family and story. The committed crime has concrete culprits – those who planned it and those who executed. Many of those tragic stories have not been told yet. Even though a huge amount of work has been conducted, the world is yet to see abundant evidence testifying to the fact of the Armenian Genocide, testimonies, and documented facts.

Centuries-long Armenian history has many heroic pages, pages of losses and pages of creation. Today, when we are building our new statehood, when we shape new biography of our freedom we prove that we ourselves can be the guarantors of our security and eliminate any possibility of the repetition of similar crimes in the future.

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