09, 2011

Congratulatory remarks by President Serzh Sargsyan at the reception on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of independence with the representatives of the RA social and economic area

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I congratulate us all on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Armenia’s independence.

This is a holiday which our nation has waited for a long time. Independence brought along opportunities, rights, abilities and responsibilities. Independence gave us the opportunity to turn our centuries-long dream into reality. Independence gave us the ability to defend our national dignity, even if through fight and struggle and blood. It gave us the right to have new great national achievements and take pride in them. But first and foremost, independence gave us responsibility and put on our shoulders an enormous load of shaping our centuries-long dream which at last became a reality. This load is a great honor indeed, and we are a blessed generation of our nation, and next generations will be blessed too, because they will carry on with building and fortifying our independent Motherland.

September 21 is a day of national pride.

Dear Fellow Citizens,

Independence brought along a new economic order, with its new perspectives as well as new challenges. It was the independent statehood that from day one put its trust in the hardworking and entrepreneurial nature of the Armenian people and announced free market. Certainly, at the beginning there was much ambiguity, there were even some romantic perceptions. Some would think that it was just enough to proclaim capitalism and the rest would be done by enterprising individuals. The reality though was much harsher than we would imagine; however, as I’ve noted before, we learn fast.

Endowed with very modest natural resources and living for two decades under blockade, we, nevertheless, have been able to create a state which feeds and arms its soldiers, which provides a decent living for its teachers. Small, medium and large business strata have been formed in our society. Step by step, major businesses and businessmen realize the fact that they, along with other problems, have also social responsibilities before the society. Moreover, step by step we are reestablishing the interrupted traditions of benevolence.

We have reestablished scores of other traditions and are strengthening new ones, while the elevation of the level of social responsibility has become and will continue to be an incessant process. It’s worth remembering and keeping in mind that without independent Armenia there would be neither major companies, nor wealthy people, at least not in Armenia.

It’s a well-known fact that we constitutionally define ourselves as a social state. It’s also no secret that social state still remains a goal and has not yet become the indisputable reality. In this area both the state and other structures have already accomplished a huge work. However “huge” in our case should be comprehended in the context of our abilities. We should admit that two decades have not been enough for addressing multiple problems existing in this area. However, no need to despair.

Social issues, including acute ones, exist even in prosperous countries, however those countries are mature social states which we have not become yet. Social security of the citizens is directly linked to the situation of our economy. Strengthening of the first is conditioned by the development of the second.

Notwithstanding all existing problems, we are moving forward. The advancement of our state and our society is comprehensive. It is true that sometimes we witness disproportionate development of some areas. We have opted for sustainable development and it is through the active work on all directions that we will put our country on the irreversible road toward a harmonious development.

The gravest challenges that our country has faced in the past and is facing now, have very often resulted from the instability imposed from without. The NK conflict, Armenia’s economic blockade, energy crisis, wars raging nearby, the global financial and economic crisis, etc. These and numerous other challenges have been first of all a result of extremely unfavorable regional conditions and global developments which may reoccur.

Our newly created state has been mainly withstanding consequences of these challenges. Multiple internal challenges – economic, political, social and spiritual, difficulties induced by the penetrating instability, are in fact also result from the vulnerability of our statehood and our society in the face of the negative impact of regional instability. Consequently, every regional and global calamity has been bringing our country out of the periods of tranquility, setting new challenges before us.

Enduring them in difficult conditions and gradually moving forward, adopting ideals of democracy and forming as close as possible to these ideals the essential institutions of independent statehood, presently our country is striving to eliminated the source of our hardships – considerable negative impact of potential regional and global instability on the economic, political and social life of our country. There is no alternative. Otherwise, we will be compelled to constantly struggle with the consequences while the causes of our difficulties will continue to beget new challenges and put them in front of our successive generations.

This problem is solvable through the integration into the structures based on same values and through the strengthening of our own internal defense systems. Establishing a kind of internal system in which the society creates the atmosphere of prosperity and social security for each of its members. And every member is lent a hand at the most difficult times, even if the same calamity knocks at their own door. We need to establish a system which requires and forms an environment where a well-being of one individual is impossible without an environment which is conducive for the prosperity of all. We need to establish a system which, in fact, interprets the maxis of the great Russian writer and states that all the bounty of the world is for keeping children’s eyes tearless.

We, as a state and as a nation, are mature enough to speak about the strengthening of larger and more stable systems. To speak about them and step by step turn them into reality. In any case, achievements of the last twenty years actually endow us with that opportunity.

Dear Fellow Citizens,

I once again congratulate us all on the occasion of this great jubilee. I am confident that the subsequent decades of the Armenian statehood will be even more efficient. They will be more efficient thanks to our joint work, thanks to the collective efforts of the entire Armenian nation.

Congratulations on Armenia’s independence Day!

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