09, 2012

Remarks by President Serzh Sargsyan at the ceremony of bestowing the Victor Hambardzumian International Award


“Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Awardees and Guests,

I am happy to be present for the second time at the ceremony of bestowing the Victor Hambardzumian International Award. This award, which was established for the achievements in the area of astronomy, astrophysics and related sciences, is called upon to immortalize the name of our outstanding scientist and for bringing together scientists who represent different countries and different people.

Victor Hambardzumian was endowed with the exceptional talent and abilities. He was an embodiment of a brilliant scientist and a person of the highest moral standing. Every one, who had a lucky chance to communicate with him, was feeling even greater respect and admiration towards him. Through his work and decent stance, the great scientist proved that genius and modesty are inseparable.

Thanks to Victor Hambardzumian, his colleagues and disciples at the Byurakan Observatory, Armenia became a leader in this area not only in the former Soviet Union but also in the world. They gave as a wonderful example and a behest to continue their work which is compelling and inspiring at the same time.

Today, in the heart of all our initiatives in the area of science lies a message addressed to the young people of Armenia. It’s a message to become an internationally competitive citizen through one’s knowledge, intellectual, and creative abilities; we state that message out loud and we will comply with it.

Dear Friends,

As I have noted, this is already our second award ceremony. The initiative has become a nice tradition which is to be strengthened, developed, and nurtured so that it obtains flash, blood, and spirit.

Kant once said that there were two mysteries in the world – “the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me.” Today, on behalf of the entire humanity, I express our gratitude to two outstanding scientists - for raising a bit the veil of mysteries of the starry heaven for us.

I cordially congratulate the Estonian astronomer Jaan Einasto and the Russian astrophysicist and cosmos explorer Igor Novikov on becoming the awardees of the Victor Hambardzumian International Award.

Dear Awardees,

I congratulate you on becoming recipients of this award. We have proudly become part of the international recognition of your scientific exploit. I am happy to note that today’s gathering is also attended by the world famous American astronaut Charles Duke who has made a brilliant statement.

We will continue to work towards the enhancement of our science’s role in the modern world. Our state policy, today also the programs of the Luys Foundation will be gaining momentum towards the development of the internationally competitive education and contemporary science.

Taking this opportunity, I thank the Pyunik Foundation, Mr. Gabriel Jambarjian – the main sponsor of the Foundation who is present here today together with his wife, as well as all those individuals and organizations who made this award ceremony possible. I congratulate us all on the occasion of the successful organization of the second ceremony of awarding the Victor Hambardzumian International Award which is bestowed for the achievements in the area of astronomy, astrophysics and related sciences.

Thank you.


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