03, 2011

President Serzh Sargsyan gave an official dinner in honor of the President of Switzerland Micheline Calmy-Rey

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Tonight, President Serzh Sargsyan gave an official dinner in honor of the President of Switzerland Micheline Calmy-Rey.

“We are willing and ready to deepen relations with Switzerland. That desire is based on a very simple truth: you, as a state, have been able to become a democratic country, create strong economy, and solve social and economic problems of your people at the highest level. For your people and for the authorities of Switzerland universal values are precious and in many cases you take no notice of the fact that while adhering to these values you may have certain difficulties. In this regard, the Armenian people are, certainly, grateful to the government, people, and the Parliament of Switzerland for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide which verified your stance regarding the crime of genocide.

We strive to develop our economic relations with the Swiss Confederation, invigorate cultural contacts and we want our people to learn more about each other. In this context, our cooperation on bilateral as well as multinational levels is expedient,” President Serzh Sargsyan said at the official dinner.

In response, the President of the Swiss Confederation Mrs. Micheline Calmy-Rey noted that during today’s meeting with the President of Armenia, they spoke about excellent relations existing between the two states. “Switzerland expeditiously provided assistance to Armenia in the wake of the 1988 earthquake and continues to implement cooperation programs in this country. Tomorrow, I am leaving for Gyumri to pay tribute to that cooperation.

I would like to hail the work of our diplomatic representation in Armenia. However, the Armenian-Swiss relations are not limited by the contacts between the officials. Switzerland is home to many thousands of people of the Armenian descent. The population of Switzerland has great acclaim for the Armenians. It should be noted that Armenia has properly acknowledged activities of the Swiss prominent figures such as Jacob Kuntzler, who had provided refuge to the thousands of Armenian orphans. Manifestations of friendship between our two countries are many.

I would also like to stress the importance which your government attaches to the International Organization of Francophony and which this year is chaired by Switzerland. I have learned that in the framework of francophony, Armenia has organized the largest number of events in the world. I believe, it’s an impressive evidence of Armenia’s strong adherence to the values of multilingualism and multiculturalism. I would also like to congratulate Armenia on receiving the Honorary Guest status at the Book Fair in Geneva. This will allow the writers and publishers of Armenia to bring their works to more people.

And finally, I will be greatly honored, Mr. President, to welcome you to Switzerland in May, on your official visit,” said the President of the Swiss Confederation.

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